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Content ig evolution of students head

The educational system has changed significantly during last decades, so did the students. What were the main differences between generations of students since 1960's in the USA till nowadays? Check out this infographic to see exactly how the students have changed from decade to decade.

Content how to write a college level essay

As a new college student, you’ve surely written more than a few essays. However, if you aren’t earning A’s and B’s, you could have a real problem. Chances are good that you simply aren’t doing the things that boost your essays from high school to college level. Fortunately, there are several tips and tricks that you can use as you learn how to write a college essay.

Content social media can improve your writing

Do you blog? Are you a student who is faced with essays that make you cringe? Are you an educator that is trying to find a way to improve your student’s writing performance? Or are you a novice freelance writer looking to increase the quality of the content you provide?

Content the college student emotional and mental health crisis

The time you spend at college will be some of the most cherished time of your life. Even with that being the case, it’s important to keep in mind that you are not a machine. College students often overlook their physical and emotional health in wake of so many activities and studying that surrounds them. So how can you live the student’s American dream while still keeping your head clear and healthy?

Content 10 effective methods to increase your motivation

Finding motivation to do the most basic daily tasks can sometimes be impossible. There’s just something keeping us down and we can’t shake the feeling of powerlessness. It’s even worse if you’re a college student or a worker, having to dedicate several hours a day to work. You feel down and you just want to go back to your bed. Sometimes not even the deadlines can help you. You have so much work to do and yet you fail to find the will to keep moving.

Content 7 most effective examples of gamification in business

The technological gaming benefit in the business world is nothing less than successful. Gamification has embedded itself in businesses throughout the world and has become the norm when companies need an app service to motivate their customers or employees. It can be said that many businesses rely on the genius of gamification to help modify behaviors, introduce newly integrated skills, or as a problem solving tool. The following examples are how businesses are utilizing this fast growing trend.

Content 5 things the top world s entrepreneurs refuse to believe

​Your business plan is in place, you have your website built, you have a product that you know will service the needs of your client base. So, what’s wrong? “Why isn’t anyone grabbing up our services?” you may ask. You check you sites analytics and no-one is visiting yet, and it’s been a whole week!

Content cover infographic

It’s never too late to learn, is it? Even if you have already succeeded in your career, you can get more of useful information and knowledge in your professional field or obtain a degree in the other subject to broaden your world-outlook. The education is highly important even for the celebrities, who seem to be having no need in a degree at all.

Content get inspired by 9 famous american essay writers

There is a belief that writing is the world’s oldest profession, and after reading the pages written by many American essayists that have left their mark on literature, one may be inclined to agree. As you carve out your path to possibilities in the world of academia you will undoubtedly be asked to write countless essays on numerous subjects. The best way to rev up your writing engine, no matter what type of writing project that you are faced with, is to read. The best type of reading that gives you the best preparedness is the essay.

Content 10 lessons learned from the most successful entrepreneurs

Picture ten entrepreneurs, varying ages and genders, working in completely different niches. What could they possibly have in common? Each of them has learned a valuable lesson as they have conceived, launched, and expanded their empires, and they are willing to share those lessons with others.

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