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How to Structure an Essay?

June 28, 2017- Posted to Writing

Content how to structure an essay

Remember those 5-paragraph essays you wrote in high school? You probably wrote a bunch of them in your English classes all four years. The topics were easy and the structure of an essay was drilled into your head – an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion – the classic 5-paragraph essay structure.

Content how to write a college level essay

As a new college student, you’ve surely written more than a few essays. However, if you aren’t earning A’s and B’s, you could have a real problem. Chances are good that you simply aren’t doing the things that boost your essays from high school to college level. Fortunately, there are several tips and tricks that you can use as you learn how to write a college essay.

Content social media can improve your writing

Do you blog? Are you a student who is faced with essays that make you cringe? Are you an educator that is trying to find a way to improve your student’s writing performance? Or are you a novice freelance writer looking to increase the quality of the content you provide?

Content get inspired by 9 famous american essay writers

There is a belief that writing is the world’s oldest profession, and after reading the pages written by many American essayists that have left their mark on literature, one may be inclined to agree. As you carve out your path to possibilities in the world of academia you will undoubtedly be asked to write countless essays on numerous subjects. The best way to rev up your writing engine, no matter what type of writing project that you are faced with, is to read. The best type of reading that gives you the best preparedness is the essay.

Content 14 valentines for friends  family gah

With Valentine’s day’s fast approach many of you are probably scrambling around to find the people you love the perfect present. But let’s be honest you always get them the same thing, a card, candy, and sometimes a toy. Why don’t you mix it up a bit with our list of the most creative Valentines you could give.

Content mastering time management   a huge key to success

Creativity is a great talent. And certainly the world needs a lot of creative minds to develop the technology and to work to solve the very big issues that face us. But there is another skill that must go along with creativity, and that is productivity. All of the best ideas are nothing without productivity that will turn them into reality.

Content a successful freelance writer getacademichelp

So you want to be a writer. Your first love may be to write novels or screen plays, but in the meantime, you do need to earn a living. Or, you may really be “into” content marketing and love writing blog posts, articles, and such. Perhaps you want to be a ghostwriter of sorts, providing products for students, business professionals and others.

Content benefits of being friendly with professors

Students often complain that there professors cannot be bothered to learn anything about them. It certainly is frustrating to feel as if you are another student number in a sea of anonymous students. However, have you ever taken the time to consider the flip side of things? How much do you know about your instructors? Have you ever reached out to any of them in a friendly manner?

Content the ultimate guideto content repurposing getacademichelp

Repurposed content is content that is either re-worked so that it becomes an entirely new piece, or content that is delivered to a new audience. There are many reasons to do this. One is to get more mileage out of the content that you create. The other is to communicate the same thing in different ways so that users with different learning styles will benefit.

Content fun facts about halloween

There are as many legends and stories about Halloween as there are costume options. And almost as many horror flicks that keep returning for re-runs every year, along with one or two new ones. How people celebrate Halloween depends on their age, of course. Younger kids go trick-or-treating; teenagers may get together and have a marathon horror flick viewing; some more unsavory teens may use the night to play pranks or to engage in vandalism.

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