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Content get inspired by 9 famous american essay writers

There is a belief that writing is the world’s oldest profession, and after reading the pages written by many American essayists that have left their mark on literature, one may be inclined to agree. As you carve out your path to possibilities in the world of academia you will undoubtedly be asked to write countless essays on numerous subjects. The best way to rev up your writing engine, no matter what type of writing project that you are faced with, is to read. The best type of reading that gives you the best preparedness is the essay.

Content 10 lessons learned from the most successful entrepreneurs

Picture ten entrepreneurs, varying ages and genders, working in completely different niches. What could they possibly have in common? Each of them has learned a valuable lesson as they have conceived, launched, and expanded their empires, and they are willing to share those lessons with others.

Content should students fight for the right to a free education

If you are a student trying to finance your college education, you know the drill. Fill out all of the paperwork for financial aid, spend hours in the financial aid office getting everything verified and then finally getting the award amount. Now that will take care of some of the costs, but you will need to take out student loans for the rest – bummer. Because when you graduate, all of that money has to be re-paid, at interest.

Content 14 valentines for friends  family gah

With Valentine’s day’s fast approach many of you are probably scrambling around to find the people you love the perfect present. But let’s be honest you always get them the same thing, a card, candy, and sometimes a toy. Why don’t you mix it up a bit with our list of the most creative Valentines you could give.

Content start building your personal brand while in school getacademichelp

We hear a lot about “branding” these days. Coca-Cola, for example, is a brand that only someone living on a desert island with no phone or Internet does not know. Companies that have this marketing “thing” down well know that they have to promote brand awareness everywhere, especially on social media. This is done in very specific ways – building relationships with potential customers so that their “brand” is first in those minds when a purchasing decision is made.

Content mastering time management   a huge key to success

Creativity is a great talent. And certainly the world needs a lot of creative minds to develop the technology and to work to solve the very big issues that face us. But there is another skill that must go along with creativity, and that is productivity. All of the best ideas are nothing without productivity that will turn them into reality.

Content a successful freelance writer getacademichelp

So you want to be a writer. Your first love may be to write novels or screen plays, but in the meantime, you do need to earn a living. Or, you may really be “into” content marketing and love writing blog posts, articles, and such. Perhaps you want to be a ghostwriter of sorts, providing products for students, business professionals and others.

Content interview questions getacademichelp

In life there are questions. Now you can easily repeat the phrase “There is no such thing as a stupid question” over and over as though it were your personal mantra. However when facing the hard facts, there is no denying the fact that there are questions that don’t need to be asked, or that shouldn’t be asked. In an interview, this is no different.

Content best 6 christmas books getacademichelp

Be honest. Did you really think that this book wouldn't be on any list about the best Christmas books of all time? This book hits it on all four cylinders. There are lessons to be learned that are delivered in an awesome way that doesn't involve lecturing. There are endearing characters. There's action. There's suspense. There is wicked humor.

Content benefits of being friendly with professors

Students often complain that there professors cannot be bothered to learn anything about them. It certainly is frustrating to feel as if you are another student number in a sea of anonymous students. However, have you ever taken the time to consider the flip side of things? How much do you know about your instructors? Have you ever reached out to any of them in a friendly manner?

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