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Content choose the best college for your online degree getacademichelp

If it weren't for the existence of online degree programs, many people would not be able to pursue their dreams of going to college. This is because online degree programs are flexible, and are available to students who may not have a college or university within driving distance.

Content the ultimate guideto content repurposing getacademichelp

Repurposed content is content that is either re-worked so that it becomes an entirely new piece, or content that is delivered to a new audience. There are many reasons to do this. One is to get more mileage out of the content that you create. The other is to communicate the same thing in different ways so that users with different learning styles will benefit.

Content 10 things you d rather do than write your research paper

College midterms have recently ended, and we all know what that means; research papers. Since you have visited us that must mean that you may be considering the use of our services. If you choose to write your paper yourself, however, here are a few things you would probably rather be doing.

Content fun facts about halloween

There are as many legends and stories about Halloween as there are costume options. And almost as many horror flicks that keep returning for re-runs every year, along with one or two new ones. How people celebrate Halloween depends on their age, of course. Younger kids go trick-or-treating; teenagers may get together and have a marathon horror flick viewing; some more unsavory teens may use the night to play pranks or to engage in vandalism.

7 Top Gadgets for College Students

October 20, 2015- Posted to Study

Content 7 top gadgets for college students getacademichelp

Who says our love for toys must disappear when we become adults? Do we ever really outgrow our affection for nifty little gadgets that keep us entertained, organized, and that make our lives a little more convenient. College students especially, are known for their love of devices, gadgets, and other tech gear.

Content the right tips for a productive study break

Ding! The alarm goes off on your phone signaling to you that it is finally time to take a well deserved study break. So, what do you do? Obviously you want to give your mind a break from the subject you've been studying. On the other hand, you don't want to your mind to become so disengaged that you can't get back on task once your break is over.

Content off track  it happens   here s your guide to get back on

Sometimes it happens after a traumatic event; it may happen when you move to a new town during high school and have the prospect of trying to make new friends and adjust to new classes and teachers; and it may happen when you leave the comfortable confines of your high school and home and go away to college.

5 Hardest College Classes

October 06, 2015- Posted to Study

Content 5 hardest college classes

What makes a college class difficult. We discussed this in our offices and agreed to a few things. Academic difficulty is certainly a factor, but in order to qualify for our list, a class cannot simply be tough or require a lot of effort to pass. It must be a true killer that causes students to fail or even switch majors.

What Kind Of Student Are You

September 29, 2015- Posted to Study

Content what kindof student are you

What was your favorite thing about elementary school? Did you look forward to field day? Did you relish the chance to sit in a corner and read to yourself? Was arts and crafts day the best day of the week for you? Whatever it was that made you happiest and most eager to learn in grade school is an indicator of the type of learner that you are. If you know what kind of student you are, you can adjust the way that you study and the way that you consume new information.

Interesting Facts about Memory

September 22, 2015- Posted to Writing

Content null  7

Memory is a fascinating thing. Some people seem to have a natural ability to memorize any and every detail while others struggle memorization. Some people have great short term memory, but have difficulty accurately recalling what happened several years ago. Of course, we all know that stress and sleepiness are also memory killers.

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