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Blogpost Writings

One really critical way to maintain current customers, to gain new ones and to make sure your brand is spread all over the web is to have a business blog on your website. If you don’t have a blog, you need one today; if you do have a blog and are not getting much traffic, you need to figure out why. And if your blog is not resulting in increased business, something is definitely wrong!

Good blogs have the following characteristics:

  1. They have regular posts, at least once a week, which inform, educate, entertain, and provide personal stuff that develops a relationship between you and visitors (stories about employees, etc.)
  2. There are plug-ins that allow conversations among you and visitors
  3. There are plug-ins that post teasers to your great blogs on your social media pages
  4. There are methods by which visitors can sign up to receive your posts (and other promotional material, of course) by email.
  5. There are incentives for visitors/followers to share your posts
  6.  There is media that is entertaining and informative, and methods by which customers are featured using your products or services
  7. There are “human interest” posts the engage readers
  8. There are no attempts to “sell” anything!
  9. There are surveys and contests in which your visitors can participate and share with their friends.

This is a “tall order” for any busy entrepreneur who must focus on other aspects of his/her business. And if you do not enjoy writing or you do not have the time to do the research to create really compelling and engaging posts, then you are missing out on a critical piece of your overall marketing strategy. to the Rescue

Our copywriting department has both the skills and creative writers who can set you up with a blog (using a great platform, like WordPress), post regularly scheduled content, make that content “pop” for visitors and followers, and put in place the SEO techniques that will improve your page rankings.

You are a business owner; you are not a content marketing specialist. When you turn that business function over to us, you will realize more traffic, more conversions, and more awareness of your brand all over the web!


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