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Creating LinkedIn Pro Bios

If you are a career professional and you do not have a LinkedIn profile, you are doing yourself a great dis-service. And if you do have a LinkedIn profile but wrote it yourself, you might want to consider having a professional biographer take a look at it. And here’s why.

LinkedIn is growing exponentially and has far expanded its original purpose. Initially, the site was designed for professionals to set up a profile, invite their friends to be a part of their networks, and then continually expand their network bases, through those friends – very much like Facebook. The idea was that individuals in career niches would have a place to congregate, communicate and share ideas. A lot has changed since those early days.

Today LinkedIn has become a huge clearinghouse for many things

First, there are groups and sub-groups within business niches, for the purpose of holding discussions and networking if one should be looking for a career change or for a new hire. These groups also exist to keep one another “up” on the latest trends in their niches. Second, the site has become a method by which companies and position seekers can connect. Members can publish their resumes and employers can post their openings. Because of these important new features of LinkedIn, your profile must be absolutely stellar and really stand out. One of the first things employers do after making a decision to consider an applicant is to check that applicant’s LinkedIn profile (and often Facebook too, but that is another matter). If they are impressed, the candidate already has a few “points” going into an interview.

Let a Professional Biographer/Profiler Create your LinkedIn Account Page

You want your profile to be really engaging and compelling and to look far more interesting than most others, especially those in your niche. It is almost like a mini-resume and must promote you as favorably as possible. For this reason, you need to get a professional to either create or review/edit yours. has a small team of experts who do nothing but create web-based profiles for career professionals, and we will assign one to the task of creating one for you as soon as you complete an order form on our site.

Don’t let a dull boring profile stay “out there.” Get one that makes you shine!


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