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Developing Website Reviews

If you have a great website, designed by pros who really knew what they were doing, you are probably pretty happy. You have great color, background, just the right amount of media, and a business blog to which you are regularly posting. And everything is linked to your social media pages. You have everything you need – NOT!

Here’s the thing about web design

It is evolving so rapidly that business owners who had sites designed 6 months ago are already out of date. So, if you site is 6 months old or older, you absolutely need a full website review – in fact, you should schedule them every 6 months. Can Do This For You!

When you order a site review from us, we turn it over to our department of designers and content writers who will leave no stone unturned. They will look for the following:

  • Ease of navigation
  • Compatibility with all mobile devices
  • Engaging content
  • Color, media, animation, etc.
  • Use of the newest and most relevant keywords and keyword phrases
  • Efficacy of your blog relative to visitor activity, with plug-ins that help to spread your brand.
  • Hot-spot mapping to determine pages that are the most and least popular and at what point visitors are leaving or becoming distracted
  • Layout of content: Does it flow well and relate to your overall theme?

Once the review is complete

You will receive a full report with suggestions for improvements and changes. At this point, the options are up to you. You pick and choose those changes that you want, and we will immediately implement them. Your “new” site will have all of the latest elements and features, and be one to which visitors will come and stay. Research shows that the longer a visitor stays, the greater chance there is for conversion to customer status.

Schedule your first site review today, and stay competitive!


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