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Dissertation Chapter - Discussion

This is where you tie it all up! Your discussion/conclusion chapter (chapter 5) will do the following:

  1. Give the reader an interpretation of the analysis of your data
  2. Provide an answer to your research question
  3. Justify all that you have done and discuss any constraints or flaws
  4. Speak to the significance of your research to your academic field
  5. Give recommendations to future researchers relative to how they might proceed to replicate or add to the work that you have accomplished.

Pointers for Writing this Chapter

  1. Use the present tense always – it is considered academically “proper” and you want some committee member criticizing you for using the wrong verb tense
  2. When you discuss the conclusion that you have reached as a result of your research, relate them back to your literature review. Do they support earlier literature? Do they refute some of the earlier work of others?
  3. Be sure that you have some kind of graphic organizer, because this chapter can be prone to lack of coherence

This Chapter Can be the Subject of Re-writes

Obviously, you will present your chapter to your advisor for review and comment before you put it into final form. And often, advisors will make enough suggestions that you will end up re-writing it a few times. It is good to take his/her advice, however, because you do want your committee to approve of the entire piece the first time through.

Avoid the Re-Writes

If you submit your work to a Ph.D. at, s/he can not only review it and make suggestions, s/he will be able to re-write that chapter for you before it ever goes to your advisor. This will save you time and stress, and get you that approval the first time!

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