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Dissertation Chapter - Abstract

Once your dissertation is finished, you have had your oral defense, and it has been approved, you need to take a big vacation or find some way to celebrate – this is a huge accomplishment! You have just one small task left – your abstract.

While the abstract is not an actual part of your dissertation, you know why it must be written – when your dissertation is placed in databases like ProQuest, the first thing that a future researcher will read is that abstract. This determines whether that individual will want to read your entire dissertation, because it may relate directly to what s/he is planning to research. So, it is important that the abstract contain all of the salient points of your work.

Basically, the abstract must be no more than a single page in length, and that in itself presents a real challenge. It must include:

  1. Your research question statement
  2. A brief summation of your research methodology, the types of instruments used and, of course the results and analysis
  3. An inclusion of any constraints or nuisance factors that should be avoided in by future researchers

The elements of the abstract are not themselves difficult. After all, you have been intimately involved with this project for at least the past year. The difficulty will come in trying to reduce all of your work to one page. You may need an objective non-involved party to prepare this for you. You can get that non-involved part at

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