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Dissertation/Thesis proposal

Before you ever get to begin on your thesis or dissertation, you know that you must submit a proposal. Usually, for the thesis, it must go to one’s advisor; for a dissertation, however, it must go before an entire committee. In both cases, however, the proposal must contain the same things:

  1. You must make a very clear statement of your research question
  2. You must justify that research question by demonstrating that it is an important one for your academic field and that it will contribute important information to that field.
  3. You will need to summarize the initial research that you conducted as you refined your research question
  4. You will provide a cursory explanation of your research methodology and the data you will be gathering.
  5. You will set up a timeline for the completion of each section or chapter

It is often the proposal that bears the most scrutiny, because it must be evaluated the validity of what you propose to do, and how you will do it. Many students, therefore, re-write their proposals 2-3 times before final approval is obtained. This can be a bit frustrating.

Getting Some Proposal Help

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