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Dissertation Services

Not many academic writing services offer help with dissertations, because that help involves Ph.D. scholars on staff and because a dissertation is simply the highest form of academic research work that anyone produces. There are 5 chapters, each of which demands high level critical thinking, exceptional research skills, and the ability to analyze the data that has been gathered, in order to answer an important research question in one’s field.

It is common for Ph.D. candidates to seek assistance in their dissertation production, and very few actually go it all alone. Typically, requests for help include the following:

  1. Introduction: while this chapter is usually written at the end, it is the one part of the dissertation that should be particularly engaging and that, while reflective of scholarly composition, can serve to entice a reader to really want to read the piece. Students who struggle with achieving the balance between academic prose and persuasive techniques will usually ask for some help with this chapter.
  2. Literature Review: Production of this chapter is time consuming and somewhat tedious, so busy doctoral students will often request help in locating and summarizing the research that must be included in this chapter. Finding someone who is really familiar with the literature in this field is a must.
  3. Methodology: Developing scholarly research methods that include appropriate study groups and instruments, as well as ensuring that the data being gathered will truly address the research question, is a difficult process. A Ph.D. who has been through this process before can prove to be invaluable
  4. Results: This chapter involves a high level of skill in statistical analysis, and can be really a challenge for one who does not have the mathematical background. Many students employ the services of a statistician to complete this chapter.
  5. Discussion: Answering the research question, pointing out any constraints, and pointing future researchers in good directions are the purposes of this chapter. Again, students who struggle with synthesis, organization and scholarly composition will want to get some help.

All of this assistance is available at, one of only a few writing services that has a full cadre of Ph.D. scholars. We will be able to assign a researcher in your field and you will find that dissertation production can be enjoyable and smooth. Get in touch and we’ll begin! 


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