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Dissertation Chapter - Introduction Chapter

If you write your introduction before any other chapter, you will be re-writing it, make no mistake about that. This is the chapter that should be produced, just like in an essay, after the entire piece has been finished. As you conduct your research, gather your data, analyze that data, and draw your conclusions, you will be hit with important insights that you will want to put in your introduction. Perhaps there is a really humorous or poignant anecdote related to one of your study subjects. You actually can include such a thing in your introduction, because this is the one chapter in which you can get a bit person. And these types of anecdotes or perhaps some shocking information you discovered in your literature review is just what you need to engage the reader at the very beginning.

The goal of your introduction is to stimulate great interest in your research. If you had not considered your topic and research question important, you would not have pursued it, and your introduction must convey that importance to your reader. You need to be excited in your introduction and yet, at the same time, remain scholarly in presentation.

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