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Dissertation Chapter - Literature review

You chose a topic and research question for two reasons: you have a strong interest in research in this area and you discovered that there is a good amount of research which you want to replicate, validate, repudiate, or build upon. Now you are ready to really delve into the earlier research, study it, and prepare to create a full summary of it in your literature review chapter. Here are some problems you may encounter:

  1. Time: You have set a timeline in your proposal and, even though it is not written in stone, of course, there is the expectation that you will adhere to it as closely as possible. You may be working to develop your methodology and your instruments, and lack the time you know you need to prepare this chapter well.
  2. Organization: This chapter is built upon synthesis of the literature, and you must combine the research that many others have conducted into a coherent, logically flowing piece of prose.
  3. Being Thorough: It would disastrous if there were a piece of literature that you failed to find or use that is quite relevant to your research, and it is quite possible that a member of your committee may point this out – ouch!

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