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Making Article Critiques

When conducting research, people very often look to article critiques to help them determine whether or not a particular article is relevant to their work. By doing so, they avoid wasting time reading articles only to find that they aren’t in any way useful to them. Writing an article critique is also something that one can do in order to give the writer of that article an outsider’s insight into their writing.

Need Some Metrics?

The process of writing an article critique begins with first setting some metrics. This is done so that there are measurable standards that the author of the critique will be using, and that the reader understands that the writer has approached the critique with a sense of objectivity. These metrics might include, factual accuracy, issues with research, the author’s fluency and success in communicating, and the viability of the resources used. Of course, the relevance of the article to the reader should always be explored in an article critique.

After your standards are in place, you may begin reading the article, taking notes, and preparing to write your critique. Keep in mind that you will have to spend a lot of time analyzing the article and noting what does or does not meet your standards of critique.

Article Critique Help is Available

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