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Making Movie Reviews

Many students would say that writing movie reviews would seem like a dream job. This is probably true in an entertainment setting. Unfortunately, it isn’t usually the case in an academic setting. Students are usually asked to watch movies and write reviews in one of the following situations:

  • A filmmaking, film appreciation, or humanities class
  • A history or government class where the film relates to the topic being studied
  • A literature class where the film is usually an adaptation

Sometimes the film to be viewed is interesting, and sometimes it isn’t. The difference is that even if the content of the film is entertaining, the process of watching it in order to write a review is not very entertaining. In order to make sure the get all of the relevant detail, the student must watch the film multiple times. They must pause and note details about the scenery, the wardrobe, the dialogue, and any number of items the instructor wants them to notice. Then, when the movie has been sufficiently studied, all of the notes must be organized and used to write an academic movie review.

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