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Making News Articles

It’s time to “dump” the traditional concept of news articles. We all think of such articles as those things published in traditional newspapers, news magazines, online news publications, or major sites such as “Yahoo News.” And certainly news about the world, the nation, and celebrities does make it into these news outlets. But there are many other places for news articles that have nothing to do with theses “big boys.” And as a business owner, you need to understand that you can publish news articles about you, your products, and your services, in any number of places where they will be viewed by web users.

News Articles as a Part of Content Marketing

Content marketing is defined as any content that you publish on the web that serves to promote you, your brand, or your products/services. In many instances, content does not specifically promote what you have to sell, such as with blog posts, but news articles can do either.

So, the idea is to discover anything that may be “news-worthy” that you can turn into an article to publish on directories, forums, other blogs, social media, etc. You may not have a “nose” for news, but those trained in journalism do.

Get a Journalist who Knows How to do This!

Professional journalists know how to take a seemingly non-newsworthy event and turn it into one that makes the subject of a great news article – a human interest story related to you or employees of your business, a launch of a new product or service, or something similar. Then, these same journalist can craft the information into a creatively composed news article that will capture interest wherever it is published. has journalists who create news articles for small and medium-sized web-based business every day and manage to get them published all over. In these articles, of course, are links back to your site, and strategic keywords that will be picked up by search engines. The result will be more exposure for your company and your brand!


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