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Making Reaction Papers

Most of the time, when a student is given an assignment to write a reaction paper, the expectation is that they will read a document and then write a paper containing their reaction. They will write a thesis statement that summarizes their reaction, and then they will support that thesis statement as they write their paper. In a few cases, however, requirements are a little more relaxed and the student writes a reaction paper almost as a descriptive essay where they tell the reader their emotional reaction to the written work, and what about the work made them feel that way.

All That Analytical Work

No matter what, writing a reaction paper begins with an analytical reading of the work in question. This requires reading the document several times and taking detailed notes about the elements that provoked specific emotions, and why those feelings emerged.

Many students have difficulties with writing reaction papers because they aren’t comfortable with discussing emotions and feelings in writing, or they simply don’t have a strong reaction to a particular document. In other cases, it is simply a matter of not having the time to dedicate to reading something and then writing a paper on it.

Reaction Paper Assistance

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