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Mathematical Modelings

Math modeling has become such a popular activity, because it forces students to do two things:

  1. They must engage in conceptual thinking about math, not just rote memorization of algorithms, geometry proofs, etc.
  2. They must view the real world as something to which math directly relates – it is not just manipulation of numbers and letters.

The Purpose Of It All

Today, math modeling projects begin at a young age, because teachers want students to get used to the concept, and this is a good thing, because at the college level, modeling cross many curricular areas – business, logistics, economics, the sciences, engineering, psychology, and more. Suppose, for example, that a student of economics were asked to create a model that would determine the number of large cars that might be purchased over the next five years. Equations would have to be developed that show the relationship between high income people, how many there are, and how many buy large cars. This would be useful information if you were an economist with the Department of Transportation and needed to predict what types of roadways might be needed over the next decade.

Students are often not prepared for the complex modeling projects they may be assigned, and that is where comes in.

Why we are the Perfect Option

  1. You can place an order to have your modeling project completed by a math expert – someone who is highly skilled and can get it done quickly and efficiently. You can then receive your completed project, along with an explanation on how it was constructed.
  2. You can discuss the project personally with your expert, so you develop full understanding.
  3. You can do all of this confidentially

As you begin to understand math modeling, you can then work on your own projects and still have your math expert available to review what you have done and make suggestions for improvement. Ultimately, you will be completing these projects entirely on your own!


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