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Dissertation Chapter - Methodology

Your methodology chapter will include the following:

  1. An explanation of the methodology you have selected for your research
  2. A justification of that specific methodology for the research question you have – have you determined to have experimental and control groups? Are you doing a random or carefully identified sampling and testing with surveys and questionnaires?
  3. A presentation of the instruments that you have devised to address the research question and explaining how those instruments will get at the data that will ultimately answer the research questions

Problems You may Encounter

It’s normal to have second thoughts about your methodology and your instruments. The biggest fear is that, once it is all said and done, and you are sitting before your committee defending it all, have you really covered “all of the bases?” Do you have elements in your instruments that are going to end up collecting data that is not germane to your question? Have you left out any elements that are really critical to your question, and will this skew the results and invalidate your study?

Stop Agonizing and Get Some Professional Help

You may not be able to “step back” and view your methodology and your instruments objectively, because you are to “involved” with them – it is really very personal. The solution is really quite easy: You come to and get your own Ph.D. consultant to review your methodology and instruments and provide suggestions for improvement.  When you have that kind of help, you will know that your methodology and instruments will be perfect!

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