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Press Release Writings

A press release is written to announce a certain event, and it is sent by a writer of that release to news outlets and the public for dissemination. If it is to be considered for publication, especially by news outlets, whether brick and mortar or web-based, it must pertain to one of the following:

  • A new product or service being introduced
  • A new partnership or collaboration that has been formed
  • A new website that is to be launched
  • A newsworthy accomplishment or award received by a business owner of one of his/her employees
  • An event that is to be help to benefit a charity or other non-profit organization
  • An announcement or a response that must mitigate “bad press” or rumor

Seasoned Journalists Should Create Press Releases

Press releases are not just “put together.” They require a very specific format that only journalists understand, as well as creativity in wording and a style that is compelling. Further, journalists know which news outlets are best for the particular news announcements.

If you believe that you have something that is worthy of a press release, don’t attempt to write it and distribute it yourself; get yourself a professional journalist from to create the copy for you as well as to distribute it to the most appropriate news agencies – both traditional and web-based. Trying to do this yourself will not get results, but our journalists get those results consistently!

So send us your news – we’ll turn it into a great press release!


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