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Problems Research

When graduate students in most fields engage in research projects, they have a research question, conduct studies related to that question, and answer that question. This is obviously not the case in math problem research, and if you are a grad level math student, you understand that as you conduct your research you may not, in fact, find a solution to your research question. Your goal is to build upon the research on the same problem that others have done, so that researchers who come after you can build some more! Not arriving at a solution may be frustrating for some, but math students by and large accept the challenge knowing that they will probably not do so. It’s all in the quest!

When that Quest is not Falling into Place

Problem research in math begins like most research projects. There is a ton of literature to review, so that you know where your start point need to be. Then, you must get creative. You will have to devise potential solutions, test them, and repeat that process. How many solutions you must devise is usually up to your advisor.

Potential Solutions

If you are struggling to come up with potential solutions, you need not panic. Math scholars at are standing by to help. Because mathematicians are a relatively small group, they are all familiar with the research of others and the problems that those researchers have been trying to solve.

So, if you come to us for help, you will have a scholar who is familiar with the problem and who will be able to develop some solutions for you to test. Having done this many times before, moreover, s/he can also assist with the write-up, so that your finished product is beautifully composed.

Our services are always confidential, and all work produced by any of our professional staff members if always original.

You don’t have to do this alone! Talk to us today about your problem research!


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