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Dissertation Chapter - Results

This is it!  You research is finished and you are ready to organize all of your results and analyze them statistically, in the hopes that you will answer your research question. Both the raw data from your study and the analysis of that data must be present in two methods – with clear and precise graphics and with a written prose presentation that explains the details in the graphics.  For this chapter you must keep in mind the following:

  1. Your raw data and your analysis must relate only to your research question
  2. You must delete any data that does not directly relate to your research question. It should not even be reported. If it is significant, that will be something that another researcher might look into.
  3. Be certain that you explain any “nuisance factors” that might be present in the study that may have impacted the gathered data

Chapter 4 Requires Several Skills

  1. To report your data appropriately you will need to be able to construct the relevant graphs, charts, etc. You will need those same graphical design skills for the statistical analysis charts and graphs.
  2. The prose presentation of your raw data and your analysis must both be scholarly, clear, and perfectly organized
  3. Statistical analysis will require conceptual mathematical skills at the very least. While calculators do much of the calculations, determining which formulae to use and “plugging” the number in correctly can sometimes be a challenge.

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