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Resume Design Services

The days are absolutely gone when one resume, with its traditional format, can be distributed to potential employers who have positions in which you are interested. If you have not prepared a resume in several years, or if you are now preparing your first one, design and format have changed significantly, and you need to be quite creative if yours is going to get more than the 6-8 seconds that readers spend perusing it. Yours needs to have “class,” of course, but that can be achieved with new unique designs that “fit” a specific organization.

The Format Issue

For starters, here are some “no-no’s” as you think about format:

  1. Putting your contact information at the top with a career objective is so last century! Lose it.
  2. Get over the need to list all of your history chronologically. Everyone else is doing that, and their resumes do not stand out. Instead, focus on your skill sets and list those in bold type. Then you can list the positions you had in which these skills were developed and/or used.
  3. Focus on action verbs as you speak to what you did in previous positions. When you begin phrases with “Responsible for…,” you say nothing. What did you achieve?
  4. Think of bolder but still “classy” colors – lose the pale gray or beige, because everyone else is using them.

Above All – Get a Professional Designer and Prose Writer from

Graphics are Exciting and Totally Appropriate

You can say a lot with a graphic rather than prose, and graphics will grab attention. You can also add cool graphic designs across the bottom, or as a very subdued background. We have great graphic artists, and you can have designs that relate to the “culture” of each organization to which you are applying.

Prose Presentation

Resume writers have very specific skill sets that even other accomplished writers do not have. Our writers have years of experience and are fully abreast of the newest methods of weaving strengths, skills, accomplishments and talents into unique prose and formats. You will need a different version of your resume for each position/organization, and your personally assigned writer will research each company, and be certain that your resume highlights those skills and that experience which most closely relates to the opening. As well, keywords will be inserted to make certain that any automated screening software will select your resume for further review. has writers and designers who work together for each of our clients. They will produce the most stunning resumes in the pile that a screener will view.


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