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Language: Matching

Language Style Matching

The Language Style Matching did not provide accurate information. The sample written communication on the website contained some function words and phrases that were similar, thus the expectation was a higher Language Style Matching. However, Language Style Matching score is anticipated to be lower in emails and letters since they assume less direct interactions. The results are expected to be higher in ongoing or direct conversations, such as phone calls, instant messages, and face-to-face banters. The score was 0.81 which is quite low.

Language Style Matching is not comprehensive enough to be used in predicting the quality of interpersonal relationships due to several reasons. The LSM is Internet based; therefore, it is bound to have inaccuracy instances. To start with, people are different and depict different communication styles. What might suit one person may probably not suit or work for another. There is no defined proper communication way, especially in interpersonal matters. There may be a close communication style but not correct or accepted one (Bevan & Sole, n.d). Accuracy cannot be accepted since the conversations are going on in texts or face-to-face, and yet results are being analyzed by the Internet. Furthermore, currently, there is a rampant use of slang and incomplete sentences in most conversations. Thus, the use of such Internet exercises to predict or determine the duration a relationship is likely to last or how people will get along is not the way to go.

It is obvious that people do not have to use formal language or grammatically correct sentences and phrases in their personal conversations. In regards to the disclaimers in the LSM website, it is vividly stated that LSM score is likely to be low in cases of several misspellings or use of shortened words, especially in instant messaging. Similarly, LSM score will be high or similar if the topic is related. Bower (2010) argues that people using function words that are similar or related are likely to enjoy an established connection and reciprocal passionate interest (Bower, 2010). The use of function words, such as pronouns, conjunctions, articles, and repudiations play a significant role in interpersonal relations. Conversely, the parties involved might be using entirely different genres of writing or talking thus making LSM an inaccurate exercise.

In regards to measuring of attention given to two people or parties, LSM exercise depicts some accuracy that is backed up with evidence from everyday life. Logically, if two people or parties are discussing and not paying attention to each other, then they will not be able to recognize the similarity in their function words. Bower (2010) adds that function words hit into verbal harmonization between two people since the words phrases are independent of conversation topics and require shared knowledge to be effectively used (Bower, 2010). However, the ineffectiveness of the exercise regarding the argument is that people might be using different languages, gestures or facial expressions. The factors reduce the accuracy levels of the Language Style Matching exercise. The non-verbal communication methods are excluded by the LSM so that they cannot be captured (Bevan & Sole, n.d).

In conclusion, Language Style Matching is exceedingly ineffective as a measure of the quality of interpersonal relationships. Internet-based exercises cannot be reliable in conducting surveys. It has also been noted that this practice has drastically affected the informal language, typically used by people in personal relationships. Slang usage and shortcuts in instant messages are some of the factors affecting its accuracy. However, it can be used to determine the extent to which people pay attention to each other, especially in direct communication by the use of function words (Bevan & Sole, n.d).


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