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The Leader Of Puerto Rico


Pedro Albizu Campos

Pedro Albizu Campos was born on 12th September 1891. He studied law at Harvard University where he started the fight for independence of Puerto Rico. Pedro had a competitive advantage over other students since he was able to speak six languages and he got the highest grade in his class therefore communication was a problem to him.

Puerto Rico is a territory in the United States of America located in the Caribbean which hosts people of different ethnic tribes. Pedro was the president of the party that was advocating for the rights of Puerto Ricans known as Puerto Ricans Independence Movement. He led this movement from 1930 until 1965 when he died.

Around 1950 he gathered and mobilised people in the towns of Puerto Rico with an aim of fighting for their independence. This was aided by the fact that Pedro had attended classes of military science while still being in college. In addition to that, he volunteered to become a member of Reserve Officers training camp where he got some military training. He believed that military science could help a lot in the fight for independence. After college, he was employed in a newspaper company and utilised that opportunity to create awareness of what was happening in Puerto Rico.

He was elected as the nationalist party vice president where he played a very important role in the struggle for independence. He started going around the Caribbean, informing and sensitising people about the struggle against colonialism that Puerto Rico was undergoing.

After 1950 he was jailed for mobilising people with an aim of overthrowing the colonial government. He later died in 1965 after his release from the prison. His death was said to be a result of stroke, which again raises concerns that he was badly treated while in jail, hence worsening his health condition. All his suffering was a sacrifice for independence.









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