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Website Content Writing

Website content refers to everything that is placed on every page of a site – text, media, forms, blog posts, etc., and it is more and more critical in bringing in traffic and keeping visitors on a site, with the potential that they are converted into customers.

Many e-commerce entrepreneurs attempt to design their own websites, using online templates and companies that allow them to create those sights for very little cost. And given newer apps, certainly there is the opportunity to put a lot of “bells and whistles” on one’s sight. But all of the “bells and whistles” will not be effective, if overall design and placement of elements is not done well. Here are the things that make a website unattractive to visitors:

  1. Too much text on a page. If a visitor has too much to read, s/he loses interest and will most likely leave the sight. Text has to be balanced, in easily readable fonts and broken up with lots of visuals.
  2. Too much animation, videos, infographics, banners, etc. Just as too much print is boring, too much media is distracting and often chaotic to viewers, who will miss important information.
  3. Content of any type that is boring, too sophisticated, dis-organized, or filled with errors.
  4. Difficulty in navigation from page to page and from one link to another

Attracting visitors

On the other hand, really attractive and well-placed content elements will attract visitors and will keep them exploring your site. Such content will provide great information, entertainment, and engaging visuals. Content should thus be balanced and artistically harmonious and should reflect the following:

  1. Great creative writing – text should grab the reader’s attention immediately.
  2. The Use of infographics and other visuals to provide information that would be boring to read
  3. A business blog should be providing lots of important information, education, entertainment, humor, etc. so that visitors enjoy reading it and come back for more!

Business Entrepreneurs Should Not Write Their Own Content

Unless you have stellar English skills, a bent for creativity, and an artistic eye, you should not be designing your own content. There are professionals at who have years of experience in producing web content from scratch and who have the design colleagues with the artistic talent. Together, they can create a website that will be exciting, balanced, and enjoyable for visitors to navigate.

Contact and let’s have a conversation about your needs. Whether you need a brand new site or your current one remodeled, we have the expertise and the talent.


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